2024 Alberta Winter Games



2024 Alberta Winter Games

After a four year hiatus, the Alberta Winter Games are set to return in February 2024 with Grande Prairie being designated as the official host.

The Alberta Winter Games are the province’s multi-sport event for youth ages 11 to 16 to compete in 18 different sports.

Grande Prairie has a history of hosting the Alberta Games. It hosted the 1980 Alberta Winter Games and the 2000 and 2018 Alberta Summer Games


“Grande Prairie is an enthusiastic host city and we are honoured to be selected as the host for the 2024 Alberta Winter Games. Hosting these Games is a major opportunity for supporting sport and athleticism while building future leaders and connected communities. We’re excited to share the passion and spirit we have here in Grande Prairie with people from all across the province as we welcome everyone for the Games in 2024!”

Michael Hussey, chair, 2024 Grande Prairie Alberta Winter Games Society


18 sports will be represented at the 2024 Alberta Winter Games.  

Athletes will be determined by each Provincial Sport Organization through zone playoffs or selection camps.

The Alberta Winter Games program is proud to have 50 alumni that have participated in the games and have gone on to represent Canada at the Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Listed below are athletes who have participated in the Alberta Winter Games program.

  • Brian McKeever, 1993/1994 Alberta Winter Games – 2002,2006,2010, 2014, 2018, 2022 Paralympics
  • Marc Kennedy, 1993,1995, 2023 Alberta Summer Games, 1996,1998 Alberta Winter Games - 2010,2018,2022 Olympic Games (Gold 2010)
  • Kurt Browning, 1980 Alberta Winter Games –1988, 1992, 1994 Olympics 
  • Chandra Crawford, 1996/1998 Alberta Winter Games – 2006, 2010, 2018 Olympics- (Gold)
  • Gilmore Junio, 2006 Alberta Winter Games - 2014,2018, 2022 Olympic Games
  • Adam Runnalls, 2012 Alberta Winter Games - 2022 Beijing Olympic Games
  • Jocelyn Peterman, 2010 Alberta Winter Games -2022 Beijing Olympic Games
  • Madision Pearman, 2008 Alberta Winter Games - 2022 Beijing Olympic Games
  • Conner Howe, 2012 Alberta Winter Games – 2022 Beijing Olympic Games
  • Amy Fraser, 2008 Alberta Winter Games – 2022 Beijing Olympic Games


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